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Jae Soo Kim, Esq.

Jae Soo Kim, a Southern California litigator for the past 25 years, also served as the Consul General of the Republic of Korea from 2008-2011. Selecting Mr. Kim for this high-level, prestigious position, traditionally held by South Korea's career diplomats, was an unprecedented honor. Mr. Kim was widely credited for successfully helping South Korean President Myung-Bak Lee to defend himself in the BBK stock manipulation incident. Mr. Kim has been involved in a number of notable cases during his distinguished international career.



Business/Contracts, Class Actions, Finance, Personal Injury, International


A member of the California State Bar since 1988, Jae Soo Kim began his career as a litigator with the law firm of Denise Breakman & Associates and, shortly thereafter, opened his own practice in 1990. Among the high-profile cases he handled were:

• Hon. Lee Shim Bom v. Kim Hong Gul (son of then Korean President Kim Dae Joong);

• a case involving Daniel Seong and "key money," the lump sum payment tenants had to pay landlords in order to obtain or extend their leases. The case led to AB 533, legislation that outlawed "key money" in California; and

• a class action suit against Korean Air relating to mileage benefits modification.

In 2007, Mr. Kim served as Attorney of Record for LkeBank Co., created by Myung-Bak Lee, current president of Korea. Since March 2011, Mr. Kim has been Of Counsel to the Los Angeles Law Firm of Lee, Hong, Degerman, Kang & Waimey. He also serves as corporate counsel for Kukkiwon,a Korean Special Corporation which is the world headquarters of Taekwondo, a Korean martial art.








Speaks fluent Korean

U.S. Law Adviser, Law Firm Of HanJoong, Seoul, Korea (2004)

Legal Advisor, Federation of Korean American Associations, Washington DC (2004-2007)

Lecturer, International Business Law, Yonsei university Underwood International School, Seoul, Korea (2005- 2007)

Adjunct Professor, Department of Law, Inha University, Seoul, Korea (2007-2008)

Special Legal Assistant for International Legal Matter for Myung-Bak Lee Presidential Campaign, Seoul, Korea (2007)

Advisor, President Myung-Bak Lee's Presidential Transition Committee, Legal and Administrative Subcommittee, Seoul, Korea (2007-2008)

Adjunct Professor, College of Global Business Administration, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul Korea (2011)


BA, Political Science, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 1982

MA, Political Science, California State University, Los Angeles, 1984

Graduate School of International Service, American University, Washington, DC 1985

JD, Western State University, Los Angeles, 1987

Mediation Training, Los Angeles County Bar Assoc.

Mr. Kim is available internationally.

Century City


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