Conflict Resolution for the 21st Century

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BUSINESS DISPUTES IN THE NEW ECONOMY, spurred by the explosive growth of technology, bio-medicine and other emerging fields, have ­become increasingly sophisticated and complex. Resolving them ­requires a combination of specialized skills and practical experience.

WE OFFER CREATIVE, COST-­EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS AT ARC. Our Business Panel includes general counsel who have participated in every aspect of corporate life, from employee relations to investor relations, as well as retired judges who have settled hundreds of matters on and off the bench. No other mediators or arbitrators are as well-suited to resolving your dispute – or as likely to leave all parties feeling confident their interests have been addressed.

Hon. Armand Arabian

Hon. Herbert L. Ashby1

Hon. Aviva K. Bobb

Hon. Eli Chernow

Hon. Lawrence W. Crispo

Hon. Joseph F. De Vanon

Hon. Anthony B. Drewry

Hon. Joyce Karlin Fahey

Hon. Etta O. Gillivan

Hon. Arnold H. Gold

Hon. Margaret M. Grignon1

Hon. Gabriel Gutierrez

Hon. J. Gary Hastings1

Hon. Frank Y. Jackson

Hon. Burton S. Katz

Hon. Andrew Kauffman

Hon. William M. Kolin

Hon. Owen Lee Kwong

Hon. Dion G. Morrow

Hon. Jack Newman

Hon. John W. Ouderkirk

Hon. Lise A. Pearlman, Ret.

Hon. Alan S. Penkower7

Hon. Daniel Pratt, Ret.

Hon. Victor I. Reichman

Hon. Charles G. Rubin

Hon. Philip Saeta

Hon. H. Lee Sarokin3

Hon. Harvey A. Schneider

Hon. Tam Nomoto Schumann

Hon. John P. Shook

Hon. Bruce J. Sottile

Michael A. Bell, Esq.

Richard M. Coleman, Esq.

Joseph A. Davis, Esq.

Max Factor III, Esq.

Robert L. Fairman. Esq.

Kenneth A. Feingold Esq.

Brian D. Ghiglia, Esq.

Mitch Green, Esq.

Ronald E. Guttman, Esq.

Jonathon Kaplan, Esq.

Jae Soo Kim, Esq.

Michael Leb, Esq.

Stanley W. Levy, Esq.

Mark Loeterman, Esq.

Peter J. Marx, Esq.

Gary C. Ottoson, Esq.

William A. Polkinghorn, Esq.

Marc E. Rohatiner, Esq.

Alan Roper, J.D.

Mark S. Sullivan, Esq.

Jill Switzer, Esq.

Professor A. Marco Turk, Esq.

1 Retired Court of Appeal
2 Retired U.S. District Court
3 Retired U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
4 Retired Federal Court

5 Available in Hawaii
6 Available in Las Vegas
7 Available in Pennsylvania


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