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Traditional Discovery is antagonistic, time-consuming and expensive.  Lawyers take days or weeks of depositions and interrogatories, exchange truckloads of documents, and file dozens of motions in preparation for a trial that seldom takes place.  The cost of this inefficient and adversarial process can amount to 80% or more of the total legal fees.

Discovery management at ARC helps parties prepare for settlement or trial at a fraction of the typical cost.  Our Discovery Referees are respected judges and attorneys with experience in Law & Motion and the credibility to keep both sides on track.


Hon. Herbert L. Ashby1

Hon. Eli Chernow

Hon. Lawrence W. Crispo

Hon. Etta O. Gillivan

Hon. Arnold H. Gold

Hon. Margaret M. Grignon1

Hon. Gabriel Gutierrez

Hon. J. Gary Hastings1

Hon. Frank Y. Jackson

Hon. Burton S. Katz

Hon. William M. Kolin

Hon. Dion G. Morrow

Hon. Jack Newman

Hon. John W. Ouderkirk

Hon. Alan S. Penkower7

Hon. Victor I. Reichman

Hon. Charles G. Rubin

Hon. H. Lee Sarokin3

Hon. Harvey A. Schneider

Hon. John P. Shook

Hon. Bruce J. Sottile

Hon. Venetta Tassopulos

Michael A. Bell, Esq.

Edward M. Burgh, Esq.

Steven Cohen Esq.

Richard M. Coleman, Esq.

Thomas M. Dempsey, Esq.

Alan P. Ribakoff, Esq.

1 Retired Court of Appeal
2 Retired U.S. District Court
3 Retired U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
5 Available in Hawaii
6 Available in Las Vegas
7 Available in Pennsylvania


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