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A COMPLES INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DISPUTE can literally make or break a company.  From biotech to software to e-commerce, extraordinary growth in the technology sector has given rise to a record number of disputes involving patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.  Businesses facing volatile infringement issues can ill afford costly, time-consuming litigation.

ARC’s Intellectual Property panel offers speedy, economic, private resolution without the risk of discovery delays or runaway juries.  Our retired judges and attorneys combine substantive IP expertise with years of experience managing and settling complex issues. Hearing formats include:

Mediation                        Discovery Referee

Arbitration                       Special Master

Summary Jury Trial

Arc is the smart way to resolve Intellectual Property disputes.


Hon. Eli Chernow

Hon. Joseph F. De Vanon

Hon. John E. Dobroth

Hon. Bruce J. Einhorn4

Hon. Arnold Gold

Hon. Margaret M. Grignon1

Hon. Dion G. Morrow

Hon. Jack Newman

Hon. H. Lee Sarokin

Hon. Harvey A. Schneider

Hon. John P. Shook

Richard M. Coleman, Esq.

Max Factor III, Esq.

Mark A. Flagel, Esq..

Mark Fleischer, Esq.

Howard N. Gould, Esq.

Stanley W. Levy, Esq.

Kendall C. Reed, Esq.

John A. Schulman, Esq.

Professor A. Marco Turk, Esq.

Michael L. Wachtell, Esq.

1 Retired Court of Appeal
2 Retired U.S. District Court
3 Retired U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
4 Retired U.S. Immigration Court


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