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PREMISES LIABILITY CASES are frequently resolved
through mediation or arbitration by parties who are willing to negotiate and/or anxious to avoid long delays and significant investments of time and money.

ARC’s RETIRED JUDGES AND ATTORNEY MEDIATORS have handled thousands of premises liability cases involving commercial and residential buildings and public property. They have expertise in a wide range of issues, including:

Defective conditions

Slip and fall

Inadequate security leading to serious injury or death

Inadequately managed buildings and property

Collapsing decks



Hon. Herbert L. Ashby

Hon. Aviva K. Bobb

Hon. Eli Chernow

Hon. Lawrence W. Crispo

Hon. Anthony B. Drewry

Hon. Joyce Karlin Fahey

Hon. Arnold H. Gold

Hon. Margaret M. Grignon1

Hon. Gabriel Gutierrez

Hon. J. Gary Hastings1

Hon. Burton S. Katz

Hon. Andrew C. Kauffman

Hon. William M. Kolin

Hon. Dion G. Morrow

Hon. Jack Newman

Hon. John W. Ouderkirk

Hon. Alan S. Penkower7

Hon. Charles G. Rubin

Hon. H. Lee Sarokin3

Hon. Harvey A. Schneider

Hon. Bruce J. Sottile

Michael A. Bell, Esq.

Richard M. Coleman, Esq.

Thomas M. Dempsey, Esq.

Charles I. Dolginer, Esq.

Brian D. Ghiglia, Esq.

Mitch Green, Esq.

Robert T. Hanger, Esq.

Jonathan Kaplan, Esq.

Jeffrey S. Kramer, Esq.

Mark Loeterman, Esq.

John O’ Meara, Esq.

Natt Portugal, Esq.

John K. Raleigh, Esq.

Professor A. Marco Turk, Esq.

1 Retired Court of Appeal
2 Retired U.S. District Court
3 Retired U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
4 Retired Federal Court
5 Available in Hawaii
6 Available in Las Vegas
7 Available in Pennsylvania


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