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Getting a Divorce Needn't be Hateful

ARC announces its new Cooperative Divorce Center

by: Amy Newman
President of Alternative Resolution Centers

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“Cooperative Divorce Mediation is a tremendous benefit for people who are willing to change their thinking, to approach the process with a spirit of cooperation and open-mindness,” says Amy Newman, president of Alternative Resolution Centers (ARC). A “cooperative” divorce focuses on minimizing hostility and finding long-term solutions to benefit the entire family.

Facilitated by an experienced family law mediator, Cooperative Divorce Mediation can help a family make constructive, informed decisions about support, custody and other critical issues.

ARC, one of California’s most successful mediation providers, has recently opened a Cooperative Divorce Center offering retired family law judges and attorney-mediators who specialize in mediating divorce settlements.

The mediators at ARC’s Cooperative Divorce Center are highly experienced and have handled thousands of family law cases, both in the courtroom and in private mediations. They encourage active participation by both spouses and can resolve matters ranging from asset division and support to child custody and visitation.

“Our focus is on facilitating the resolution of the many issues involved in a divorce through the use of non-confrontational dispute resolution methods,” said mediator Natt Portugal, on of the founders of ARC’s Cooperative Divorce Center.

For more information, please call Newman at (818) 879-0121 or (805) 643-1052. She will walk callers through the Cooperative Divorce Mediation process to help them determine whether the program is suitable for them.

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